Jacqui Lambie Thrashes Waleed Aly On Sharia Law

Jacqui Lambi
Jacqui Lambi

Jacqui Lambie Thrashes Waleed Aly On Sharia Law
There is one law in Australia… nothing will change my mind’: Jacqui Lambie refuses to back down on her call to ban Islamic sharia law as Waleed Aly confronts her on The Project

Waleed Aly has grilled Tasmanian politician Jacqui Lambie about her stance on sharia law.
The pair went head-to-head on The Project on Thursday night where Aly, who is Muslim, repeatedly asked Lambie if she regretted previous controversial comments on the subject.

‘We have one law in this country and it is the Australian law. It is not sharia law, not in this country. Not in my day,’ she said to Abdel-Magied on the program.

Aly was keen to see if her opinion had changed since February.

‘When you’d go off on things like the sharia stuff, you didn’t really know that stuff very well, but you had a really strong view about it,’ Aly said.
‘I wonder was that something that you look back on and think you could have done it better?’

Although Lambie admitted she ‘could have handled it better’, she said her stance remains the same.

‘I think it could have been done better,’ she said of her comments made in February
‘It could have been, knowing the topic.

Aly pressed Lambie, again asking if she had any regrets.

‘I don’t like it. We have one law in the country and that’s Australian law- nothing will change my mind on that,’ Lambie replied.

‘I might not have had a grasp three years ago. I have a clear grasp now. There is one law and one law only- that is Australian law.

‘If we make a better understanding, this country needs to learn there’s nothing wrong with bringing up a subject and putting it across the table and speaking about it, but respecting each other’s views and trying to get it out so we can sort it out.


  1. I am Right behind you Jacqui Lambie. You have the guts to say publicly what a lot of us are thinking but not able to articulate like you can. I hope you get back into parliament very quickly. ūüôŹ

  2. Let us compare the Muslims Immigrants and the large number of post war Europeans who came here in the post war years . The latter came without demands nor extravagant financial assistance and were never a burden on our welfare system . They worked hard from day one , took on any job , no matter what it was nor where it was . I know because I was one of them . Nor were there any concerns to the countries security or crime rate and we all came here to be Australian and blended in with local customs and lifestyle .
    I only wish I could say the same for the Muslims . I consider myself a tolerant person but can only suggest they find a country with their beliefs if they do not want to accept our values and way of life .