Fed Up Citizens Take Their Town Back After What 103,000 Muslims In Michigan Just Did


Fed Up Citizens Take Their Town Back After What 103,000 Muslims In Michigan Just Did
For the last several years, the Muslim population has grown by leaps and bounds with entire cities becoming completely overrun by Islamists. Dearborn has been hit especially hard with Muslim immigration and has even been referred to lately as the “Middle East of Michigan.” All of this was made possible thanks to Obama’s horrible immigration policies that were enacted over his eight years as President. While many people may have tolerated it at first, that is no longer the case as many residents are sick and tired of Muslims trying to change everything about their homes. Fortunately, someone is finally taking a stand and putting a stop to the entitled Muslims who think they can run roughshod over Michigan.

As much as Muslims would like you to think, they have no intention of assimilating into western culture. In fact, their only goal is to transform our country into another Middle East, and that just won’t do. For years now, Michigan has been forced to bow down to Islam thanks to politicians like Obama and other Muslim-friendly people. Under Obama’s disastrous policies, the Muslim population in Dearborn has exploded to roughly 103,000 people according to WXYZ.

Muslims’ only true goal is complete world domination and they won’t stop until they have achieved that dream. Their holy book teaches them that if you are not one of them, then you deserve to die. They have no desire to coexist with other religions and people. They will continue to push their agenda until Sharia Law is enacted in our country. They have been slowly and quietly trying to enact Sharia Law without anyone knowing it. Fortunately, Michigan Representative Michele Hoitenga is on to their little game and will not stand by and allow it to take place. Hoitenga has a little surprise for Muslims everywhere, and they won’t be too happy

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