First Police Officer-Turned-Terrorist Leaves Court Speechless With 4-Word Excuse

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First Police Officer-Turned-Terrorist Leaves Court Speechless With 4-Word Excuse
The radicalisation threat is rampant everywhere from west to east. This is the biggest concern for the law enforcement authorities throughout the world. But this becomes a serious challenge when one of your turns into a bad guy. This is what exactly happened with first Police officer of US who converted his religion, became a muslim and now got arrested on terrorism charges. He is also a an ISIS supporter and also one who supports Nazi movement.

According to Washington Post Nicholas Young is sure a jury will agree he’s no radical Islamic terrorist.

First he might have to convince jurors he’s not a neo-Nazi.

“I can’t wait to go to trial,” Young said in a phone interview from a Virginia jail. “Frankly, my case isn’t like any other terrorism-related case that anyone’s ever brought forward.”

He’s right. Young is the only U.S. police officer to ever face terrorism charges — a case brought after he was under FBI surveillance during six of the 13 years he patrolled the D.C. Metro system.

The 36-year-old Alexandria native is also a Muslim convert who used to dress up as a Nazi officer in reenactments, according to court documents, and kept a prayer list that included Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. And he’s a Ron Paul supporter who used his vacation time to fight in a civil war on the other side of the world.

At a trial set for this week in Alexandria, federal prosecutors plan to pursue a novel argument. They will paint Young as a ­violent-minded believer in an alliance between Islamist and white supremacist terrorism at a time when both are sowing fear across the country.It’s a unique case; it’s a unique defendant,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg said in court last month. “The defendant was an adherent of both . . . The common enemy is hatred of the Jews.”

Young says his historical enthusiasms and dark sense of humor have been distorted to wrongly portray him as a man with long-standing terroristic proclivities.