Husband Killed Wife For Doing Something His Ego Couldn’t Handle


Husband Killed Wife For Doing Something His Ego Couldn’t Handle
In the push for multiculturalism, the left insinuates that all cultures must be tolerated and respected. Expectedly, this includes barbaric cultures that perpetuate extreme violence, oppression, and misogyny.
Now that Pakistan has become nearly 100 percent Muslim through mass migration and persecution, nothing stands in its way of establishing Sharia law
A couple in hiding was gunned down on Thursday in the name of honour in the Dalazak Road area within the jurisdiction of Paharipura police station.

According to local police, the first husband, Amin Gul, killed his wife and her second husband, Yasin, with gun shots to their heads for allegedly betraying him and eloping with Yasin taking their one-year-old daughter with her.

The infant also received three bullet wounds to the body in the attack. She has been shifted to the Lady Reading Hospital where she is being operated upon to remove the bullets from her body
Mangereeza Bibi had eloped with Yasin and had remarried despite the fact that she was already married to Gul and had a daughter with him,” informed an official, quoting the deceased’s family members. Gul was after them (Yasin and Mangereeza) ever since they eloped and on Thursday he got an opportunity to enter their flat and kill them both, he said.

“The woman and the man died on the spot, while the child was seriously injured,” he added.