Man Hacks Wife To Pieces With Axe When He Sees What She Served On His Dinner Plate


A husband brutally hacked his wife to death in an incredibly gruesome murder before attempting to flee authorities. However, as soon as police caught up with him, he explained that he had slaughtered her because of the insulting thing she placed on his dinner plate
After exchange of hot words, Feroz murdered his wife and fled from the spot. The body was handed over to the family after legal formalities. The police have registered a case against the accused and started investigation.
A Muslim husband horrifically butchered his wife after he became insulted and outraged that she had served him a cold dinner. Indignant over her dishonourable behaviour, Feroz Khan reportedly confronted his wife, Roshan Bibi, for daring to present him with food that had grown tepid. When the woman understandably defended her actions, Feroz became so angered by her disregard of his authority that he decided to end her in the most gruesome way he could surmise.

Recently, a bride was allegedly strangled to the death by her husband on the night of their wedding in a suspected case of ‘honour killing’ in Jacobabad.

During the day, an alleged picture of the deceased bride made rounds on social media and suggested that the young girl was killed by her husband for “not being a virgin”. However, this piece of information could not be verified.

Khanzadi, daughter of Lal Mohammad Lashari, married her cousin Qalandar Bux Khokhar the night before her lifeless body was found in her bedroom in ADC Colony. The suspect, her husband, remains on the run.

Honour killings is a brutal form of crime which is rampant in these part of the world. It is part of sharia legislations which many scholars deny but they do form important part of sharia laws. Honour killings are rampant in middle east and south east Asia among muslim communities all thanks to sharia legislations. The islamic and few western scholars may deny this fact but few hadiths do mention about Honour killings which is one of the worst forms of crimes but is on the rise.