16-year-old to be detained for the murder of single-parent


A 16-year-old boy has today been charged with the murder of a single parent in Enskede, Stockholm. The boy is suspected to have murdered the Afghani 17 year old who was in Sweden as asylum seeker. The Afghani who claimed to be only 17 had a family in Sweden as well and wanted to move back to Afghanistan in spite of Afghanistan be a dangerous place right now.

According to Friatider Mahmoud Alizade from Afghanistan was knife-murdered at a school in Enskede.
Alizade claimed to be 17 years old and arrived in Sweden in 2015. He had been granted a residence permit but continued to fight for other Afghans also to not go back to their home country, which is claimed to be too dangerous. He also wanted to take her whole family.

But on Wednesday his life ceased.

Exactly what happened at the schoolyard in Enskede is still unclear. But Mahmoud Alizade and the suspect should have started to mess with each other. Alizade got serious knife injuries that he died

According to the arrest, entitled Free Times, the 16-year-old is Swedish citizen and speaks Swedish. He has a foreign surname, which according to namespedia.com is common in Russia and Poland.

The detainees are kept in Flemingsberg.

The prison hearing will take place in Södertörn’s district court at 15.30 this afternoon.