Why Did Australian Media Hide What Afghan Refugee Told Cops Just After The Incident?


When Afghan refugee Saeed Noori sent bodies flying with his SUV yesterday, police immediately ruled out terrorism, claiming that he is mentally ill. However, the narrative quickly changed when Noori turned to them and proudly uttered 3 stomach-churning words the mainstream media doesn’t want to report.

On December 20, Australia suffered yet another Islamic terrorist attack thanks to its determination to embrace Islam and welcome in thousands of Muslim migrants. Expectedly, when the 32-year-old Afghan driver plowed through pedestrians in Melbourne, including a 4-year-old boy who sustained serious head injuries, the media hastily ran to his defense, decrying Islamophobia and whining about a “backlash” against Muslims that will never occur.

Disturbingly, the authorities quickly kowtowed to the Muslim minority and their liberal appeasers, immediately refuting that the “deliberate act” could be connected to terrorism before the details had even emerged. Like clockwork, officials prematurely blamed mental illness and narcotics for the jihadist attack. However, Noori himself has finally put their ignorance to rest with his recent admission.

Yahoo! 7 News reports that shortly after Australian police refuted that the attack had anything to do with Islamic terrorism, Noori turned to them and unashamedly confessed that he was motivated to murder innocent civilians because of the “mistreatment of Muslims.” His 3 simple words prove that his actions are absolutely terror-related since he is admitting to being motivated by Islam, which isn’t merely a religion but an ideology with an inseparable law and governance that requires the overthrow of manmade governments.

“He spoke about dreams, he spoke about voices but he also did attribute some of his actions to the poor treatment of Muslims,” Victoria state’s acting police commissioner, Shane Patton, told Nine Network on Friday. Asked if there were links to terrorism, he said, “That’s certainly one area we’re exploring in respect to motivation.”

Despite initially shying away from investigating the act as one of terrorism, the police have been forced to retract their previous statement, now admitting that it is possibly politically motivated, according to the Telegraph.

“We haven’t ruled out terrorism and we continue to explore it,” said Patton. “It’s about not jumping to conclusions. It’s about exploring the evidence and the evidence will ultimately take it where it does and if that means it’s a terrorist event, so be it.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull danced around the issue in a bid to not provoke the easily-offended and often retaliatory Muslim community, condemning the attack as a “shocking” crime while Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews likewise labeled it “evil and an act of cowardice.”

“He [the driver] has said in a number of what the police are describing as ‘utterings’, he has said that he attributes his actions to perceived mistreatment of Muslims,” Turnbull said.

“We’ve seen an horrific act, an act of cowardice perpetrated against innocent bystanders,” Andrews said.

The Daily Mail reports that a second bearded, seemingly Muslim man was arrested at the scene after being caught casually filming the incident. The 24-year-old also had 3 knives in a bag he was carrying, suggesting the possibility that he may have been involved or even sought to carry out a separate terror attack.