Liberal Refugee Worker Goes To Help, Raped & Killed For 1 Item That Insulted Islam


In a bid to prove open border critics wrong, a leftist refugee worker offered her help to asylum seekers. However, she quickly learned the fault in her liberal logic when a refugee raped and murdered her for the item she had that offended him.

Unfortunately, these devout liberal feminists refuse to examine their one-sided friendship even after they personally encounter the horrific grievances women suffer under Sharia law

When 30-year-old British diplomat Rebecca Dykes made the life-changing choice to help asylum seekers, she did so with the purest of intentions. Tragically, the liberal propaganda exploited Dykes’ selfless generosity, turning her into migrant fodder in the cruelest and most ironic way.

While abroad in Lebanon, Beirut, Dykes decided to unwind at a tourist bar before hailing an Uber cab just hours before she was to fly home for Christmas on December 16, according to the Daily Mail. It was then that she was brutally raped and strangled to death by 29-year-old Tarek Hawchieh, a young Muslim man no different from the thousands she sought to help obtain asylum in Europe.

After carelessly dumping her body on the side of the road, Hawchieh was tracked down by local police and arrested for his horrific crimes. Almost immediately, Hawchieh remorselessly confessed to raping and murdering Dykes, excusing his actions by arguing that she provoked him by “wearing a short skirt,”

He said he found her pretty, wearing a short skirt…and so he decided to rape her as it would be easy as she was a foreigner,” the source told MailOnline.

Along with CCTV footage of the incident, Uber’s app linked Hawchieh to Dykes’ disappearance and murder. When interviewed about her son’s heinous acts, Hawchieh’s mother, Um Hassen, chastised her offspring.

Ms Hassen, who lives in a rundown block of flats in an impoverished suburb of Beirut, said: “I’m both frustrated and depressed about what happened. If this is really his fault then he should stay in jail and remain there.”

Confirming the man in the image brandishing a gun was Hawchieh, she broke down in tears, adding: “I don’t know what happened with my son, truly I don’t. What Tarek is alleged to have done was very wrong.”

Sickeningly, Dykes’ British family has established a charity fund to bring in millions of Muslim men just like the one who raped and murdered their beloved daughter. The Guardian reports that the charity was launched just after her death to support bringing in refugees.

This is highly disturbing, since, at the time of the charity’s launch, the UN refugee agency reports that at least 69 percent of all migrant arrivals from the Mediterranean Sea are men. Of course, several countries have already confirmed that a large percentage of those deemed child refugees are also adult males.

Hawchieh has no prior recorded convictions, although Lebanese Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk later claimed that he does have a criminal past. However, his motivation is deeply rooted in his religious beliefs.