Please note that this Disclaimer is valid for this site and all social media activities of or on behalf of Logical Australian Hence, the usage of site, logicalaustralian.com or Logical Australian includes this website, facebook page, twitter page and any other page owned or managed or inspired by Logical Australian. It also includes activities on whatsapp, quora, linkedin, youtube, google, and other social platforms.

Short Summary:

If you do not like anything on site, please know that this site is for entertainment purpose only. We are not responsible for any damage that happens to you if you believe or refuse to believe what we say in the site. We are also not responsible for any emotional trauma you face because of this site. We are also not sure whether that trauma is good for you or bad for you. You are responsible for whatever you do. Don’t blame us nor try to restrict our freedom of expression in any way.

Long version:

This is not a site for everyone. It is a very niche site exclusively for a very specific audience who respect Logical Australian ideology. Not everyone is welcome here. Just as we will not get in your home to dictate your lifestyle or choice of decor, we don’t encourage trolls to come on Logical Australian and comment on what we do on our site.

We are within our rights to clean our home (aka our site) in whatever way we want to. And since it is our home, we have full freedom to decide who is a troll, what comments to keep, what to reply, what to say and do whatever we want to with any content that comes to our site.

Still Longer version:

This site and its content are for an extremely mature reader keen to understanding various points of views to arrive at truth. The objective is not to hurt any sentiments or be biased in favour of or against any particular person, society, gender, creed, nation or religion. Kindly do not browse through the articles if you believe that certain kinds of content may be offensive to you. Viewing any content of the site is a conscious choice of the visitor. We recommend that unless you are completely convinced, it is preferable that you do not read anything on this site. Simply close the browser window immediately and enjoy rest of the innumerable web-pages on internet. Don’t tell us later that we did not warn you.

Reading this site may cause permanent changes in your thought process and ideology. It may force you to rethink your entire belief system and bring fundamental changes in your personality. Not everyone is ready for such massive transformation and hence we recommend that one better avoid the site. At the least, we compel you to read this entire Disclaimer carefully in totality. Do not read a single word on site if you do not understand the Disclaimer completely. The Disclaimer has been deliberately made cryptic and confusing to dissuade you from reading anything on the site.

However, if you read anything on this site despite our explicit warning and attempts to discourage you, you are doing it completely on your own risk and cannot blame or hold logicalaustralian.com or any of its associates liable for any damages – psychological, emotional, physical, social or in any other form that may emerge.

The authors exercise their artistic right to portray social reality as well as fiction with utmost creativity in all possible forms. Some of that portrayal may take the form of questioning values and morals that are prevalent in the society. We exercise our right to freedom to use harsh words, ridicules and other forms of expressions to put across our point.

However it must be kept in mind that all our expressions be considered figurative and within the ambit of law of land, as is the case with all films and books released in the country without facing legal bans. If you find some content to be against law of the land, it is because you have taken figurative expression literally. You must re-interpret the content keeping in mind that Logical Australian , under no circumstance, endorses going against law – directly or indirectly. For example,

  • if you read on site, “break the law” – it does not mean violate the penal codes. It probably means “break the self-imposed assumptions of your mind that limit your growth”.
  • if you read on site, “kill the criminal” – it does not mean killing any human. It probably means “kill the urge to go against natural and legal laws.”
  • if you read on site, “destroy the rapist”, it does not mean lynching a convict. It probably means “destroy the urge to insult women” or “country should punish the rapist as per prevailing laws and all citizens must support the process.”
  • at times, such content may be purely fiction or way of expression, not intended to be taken literally. Like scenes of violence in Hollywood films that are passed by Censor Board. You even have scenes that show killing or politicians, ministers, bomb blasts, insulting Gods and what not. Consider our content to be our film. Learn if you can from it, do not misinterpret. Or entertain yourself. If you do not like, do not read.

By reading any alphabet of the site, you agree that you will not charge logicalaustralian.com for any objectionable content either in court of law or otherwise. Viewing any content of the site is a conscious choice of the visitor.